vineri, 6 iulie 2012

Video nasty

Last weekend I got around to seeing 'Ringu', the Japanese horror film that inspired an American remake, 'The Ring'. Having seen the latter when it came out in the cinema, there weren't many surprises, although 'Ringu' stays closer to the original novel and has more rudimentary special effects. For example, the facial contortions of the victims of the video curse are not quite so grotesque in 'Ringu'. That said, Sadako's jerky, shuffling walk (created by filming the actress walking backwards and then playing the film in reverse) is marvellously disturbing.

'The Ring' certainly gave me a few uneasy nights, despite the fact that the film's central premise is ludicrous. Of course, watching 'Ringu' is so unsettling because (a) the horror in the film derives from a film, which has the effect of putting the (real-life) viewer under the spell, and (b) the omnipresent and trusted home TV is reconfigured as a conduit for malice.

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